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Specializing in Global ECM & BPM Deployments

Founded in 1997, RSTN has an extremely unique forte, specializing in assisting large multinational insurers with international deployments of Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.  We firmly believe that ECM & BPM solutions should be designed globally, deployed regionally and supported locally allowing operations around the globe to share and re-use technologies, implementation methodologies, knowledge & expertise, and solution features & capabilities rather than recreating the wheel locally in each country (which is expensive, introduces considerable project risk, and does not enforce standards and best practices).

Case in point, RSTN is working with a large US multinational insurer to deploy an ECM solution into 28 countries spanning Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Europe and Asia-Pacific.  This is not a series of independent projects, but a well-planned global program of work designed out of New York and executed around the world. RSTN is providing the in-country project teams for these 28 countries together with regional program managers and ECM specialists to oversee the implementation teams. RSTN also plays an integral role in defining and managing the program at the global level.

Another large global insurer has purchased from RSTN a complete insurance ECM & BPM solution designed and developed by RSTN. They are now working with RSTN to further develop, support and deploy the solution globally.  To date, RSTN has deployed sophisticated ECM & BPM solutions in 12 countries for this insurer.

RSTN now offers a software-as-a-service ECM & BPM solution that provides all of the same sophisticated capabilities used by our larger global clients but deployed in a more cost-effective manner requiring minimal capital outlay.

Whatever the requirements and whatever the ECM & BPM platform of preference, RSTN has top notch consultants, developers, project managers and business analysts capable of developing and deploying ECM & BPM solutions anywhere in the world.  And if your goal is to set up a global program of work aimed at deploying ECM & BPM into all of your international operations, contact RSTN - we can take you from the early program planning stages all the way through to a successfully executed global deployment.

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About Us

RSTN Consulting is one of the leading IT consultancy and systems integration groups with presence throughout Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the United States. 

We take great pride in our long history of excellence in large-scale project implementations.

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Our Solutions

Vendors may sell products, but businesses need solutions. That's why RSTN goes above and beyond to help you identify the important issues facing your businesses today, allowing us to develop a series of solutions that address your needs.

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Our Customers

One of the foundations that RSTN's business is built upon is the formation of strategic alliances with established hardware and software providers and our associated companies. We believe in building a long-term and mutually beneficial/satisfying relationship with all our partners, staff and customers.

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