Enterprise Content Management

RSTN has implemented ECM and Document Imaging solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. Let our background and experience help you with a successful implementation.


With RSTN’s Document Scanning Services we take care of everything for you: all hardware, software, manpower, consulting, project management, indexing & quality control services; and much more. And you will have the added comfort of knowing that RSTN’s highly experienced consultants will be there to help you correctly plan and execute the project.

Business Process

RSTN has deep experience & expertise in most of the major BPM technology platforms. This allows us to recommend the best platform for your needs and your budget. With over 75 successful enterprise projects in over 30 countries around the world, let us help you plan, design, implement, and maintain your preferred BPM platform anywhere in the world.

Agency Compensation

RSTN Consulting is a global strategic IBM partner specializing in IBM's state-of-the-art Cognos Incentives Compensation Management & Sales Performance Management platform. With offices around the world, RSTN provides global implementation, support, and consulting services aimed to streamline and optimize your agency compensation system and processes.


With the industry movement to virtual data centers now being standard and best practices, RSTN has pioneered virtualization for a number of our clients worldwide. This experience does not just stop with virtualization, but includes backup, high availability and data center planning.


With corporate legal battles spanning many remote and difficult countries with many sources of information (digital, hard copy, database) RSTN is prepared to assist you with your eDiscovery needs anywhere in the world.


When someone asks what we do at RSTN Consulting, it’s tempting to point out our two decade track record of helping transform some of the world’s greatest companies into faster, more agile and efficient, better versions of themselves. But it’s much more than that…

We serve our clients at every level of their organization, in whatever capacity we can provide value, whether as a trusted consultant and advisor to top executives, a reliable partner to top management or as a hands-on coach for front-line end users. For every engagement, we bring the right people together to challenge established mindsets and drive digital strategy transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that will enable them to achieve dramatic improvements in operational efficiency and transactional agility, all-in-all creating a sustainable advantage.

Specifically, over the years, RSTN has implemented more than a hundred large-scale digital strategy projects in over 30 countries. These implementations have spanned many industry verticals including insurance, banking, government, property management, oil & gas, manufacturing and many more. Over half of these projects were with large multinational insurance companies. With cross industry expertise coupled with unmatched insurance domain expertise, whatever your industry vertical may be, we can help you make your digital strategy a reality and a glowing success.

What separates RSTN from the rest is our extremely unique forte: specializing in developing digital strategies for large multinational financial services companies and then working with them to deploy those digital strategy solutions globally to all of their world-wide operations.  Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Document Imaging solutions reside at the core of almost all our digital strategy deployments.

A perfect example of our unique forte can be seen through the digital strategy work we've done for the largest commercial property & casualty insurer in the world.  For this client, RSTN implemented an electronic content management & workflow solution in 24 countries spanning Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. For this multi-country program of work, this insurer awarded the implementation work to Earnst & Young and RSTN Consulting, dividing-up the countries between the two companies (awarding 24 of the countries to RSTN Consulting). This was not a series of independent projects, but a well-planned global program of work designed out of New York and executed around the world. RSTN provided the in-country project teams for these 24 countries together with regional program managers and ECM specialists to oversee the implementation teams. RSTN also played an integral role in defining and managing the program at the global level in New York.

RSTN MEA - no ChairsBESTAnother large global insurer, MetLife, has purchased from RSTN a complete insurance Imaging, ECM, BPM & Case Management solution designed and developed by RSTN. They are now working with RSTN to further develop, support and deploy the solution globally. To date, RSTN has deployed highly sophisticated digital strategy solutions in 12 countries for MetLife.

RSTN now offers software-as-a-service solutions that provide all of the same sophisticated capabilities used by our larger global clients but deployed in a more cost-effective manner requiring minimal capital outlay.

Whatever your digital strategy requirements may be, RSTN has top notch consultants, developers, project managers and business analysts capable of planning, designing, developing deploying and supporting digital strategy solutions anywhere in the world. And if your goal is to set up a global program of work aimed at deploying your digital strategy into all of your international operations, contact RSTN Consulting - we can take you from the early program planning & budgetary stages all the way through to a successfully executed global deployment.