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Block Chain Document Signing Solution

Blockchain is a specific data structure that combines data blocks in a chain, in time sequence, and cryptographically ensures that data cannot be tampered with and cannot be forged. Blockchain technology tracks each entity of various electronic signature components, such as timestamps, signer IDs, and file hashes.

Why does Blockchain document signing offer high security in protecting the confidentiality of documents?

Since blockchain is made up of a series of blocks in a chain, each block is linked to every block before and after it. If you change anything in the blockchain, the entire chain fails. This helps keep transaction data secure, unchangeable, and tamper-proof.

RSTN leverages the blockchain technology that has been incorporated into Digital Signatures. Our solution included cryptography which allows users to e-sign online with the highest data security. Here are the reasons why you need consider Blockchain as the best choice for e-signatures:

  • User signature will represent as their digital identity in Blockchain technology
  • Digital signatures present as the evidence. Signers can use their private key (encryption) to sign online legal contracts.
  • Blockchain technology adds another layer of security which will block tampering and alteration of information.
  • Business users can perform multiple actions in a sequence on a blockchain.
  • Easy to trace and track the documents sent for signatures
  • E-signature can apply in both online and offline mode.
  • Benefit in the verification of alter-proof documents.
  • Signature and verification are separate processes that do not rely on a central authority.
  • All involved parties are able to prove that specific information existed at a particular point in time, as every entry in the blockchain is immutable.