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Dynamic Smart eForm – FORCS

Established in 1995, FORCS is recognized as the leading Enterprise e-Form and Reporting solutions provider in Korea, helping not just organizations but also people to transform digitally, for more than 25 years. The OZ e-Form, the core software of FORCS, allows anyone without coding skills to build powerful Smart e-Form in minutes. The architecture of OZ e-Form is scalable and extensible for global operations, making it easy for organizations to integrate with existing systems and databases. To date, FORCS has over 4,000 happy customers worldwide that have achieved digital success and growth in productivity. An advocate of a green working environment, FORCS aims to infuse the culture of a paperless working environment to organizations globally. Public listed on KOSDAQ in 2015, FORCS has over 50 Business Partners worldwide to drive Paperless Transformation to organizations more efficiently and effectively

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