Success Story #2 – Insurance Sector

RSTN Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Ranked Top 72 of the Fortune 500 companies and leading Insurance company in the world, with presence in more than 80 countries.

Client challenges:

Needed a Unified Business Process Management (BPM) platform that is integrated into their core legacy systems worldwide. At the same time, this BPM solution must allow them to achieve Straight-Through-Processing (STP) regardless of locations anywhere in the World.

Solution from RSTN

RSTN’s purpose-build insurance platform (known as E2PC Suite) integrates seamlessly with client’s chosen Business Process Management (BPM) platform as well as their various Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Policy Administration system. Key part of the mega project involves conducting many system walkthroughs, buy-ins, and workshops. ROI and CBA (Cost-Benefit Analysis) were conducted thoroughly.

E2PC Suite provided Client’s with many Insurances specific solutions for handling Underwriter’s eWorksheet, Claim’s Assessors statement, and many Industries Best Practices catering to Insurance industry.


Operationally, this client is able to reap quantum internal efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in huge cost savings. File rooms, physical storage space has been greatly minimized. Retrieval of relevant information can now be done in matter of seconds.