Success Story #4 – Insurance Sector

RSTN Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Third largest insurance company and ranking 24th in the World.

Client challenges:

In order to take care of customers, client has multiple systems and applications at its disposal, which are used for the orderly registration of contracts and reports, their processing and approval, and data protection of its clients. Some of these tools work on the IBM platform. Client has engaged RSTN to design, develop and implement our flagship E2C and E2PC suite of solutions, integrating into most of their backend and front-end systems.

Solution from RSTN:

RSTN’s purpose-build insurance platform (known as E2PC Suite) integrates seamlessly with client’s chosen Business Process Management (BPM) platform as well as their various Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Policy Administration system. We handle for their Life insurance as well as General Insurance businesses.

Our E2C is another purpose build data-capturing and automation system, allowing for the capturing of some existing and old physical documents and forms, turning these into digital images to facilitate unified and secured customer-centric policy system.


Both tangible and non-tangible savings has been achieved. Physical storage cost, missing files, misplaced folders were eliminated and time to process each and every case improves dramatically. They are able to handle more with lesser resources and technically avoided future cost of hiring because of huge productivity and efficiency gains. They are now achieving greater flexibility in adding more products to their agency lines without adding extra burden to current human resources. Such flexibility further augments their strategic and future plan in embracing more digital channels of sales. Hence higher revenue for the entire group.