Success Story #6 – Government Sector

RSTN Consulting Pte. Ltd.

A key statutory board under the Ministry of Communications and Information of the Government of Singapore. Tasked to manage the public libraries and to lead them into the Information age, aimed at bringing the libraries closer to Singaporeans, and to connect Singaporeans with the outside world.

Client challenges:

To find much more efficient and secured ways in handling the way the agency handles all forms of invitation to quote via the mandatory Government procurement portal known as GeBiz. With literally hundreds of invitations to participate in quotation bids, several resources had to be assigned, and a lot of tedious, repetitive, mundane tasks of verification, validation and correction and so on had to be done.

Solution from RSTN:

RSTN has been engaged to provide state of the art RPA (Robotics Process Automation) systems, to automate the mundane, highly repetitive and laborious tasks.

The project at agency involves the automation of the GeBIZ Invitation to Quotation (ITQ) process. The automation here begins from the creation of the ITQ with the Purchase Requisition information generated before proceeding to do the publishing. Once the ITQ is closed, the robot will also download all the submitted bids and send the attachments to the staff.

The way the automation is designed also allows them to further enhance the automation to do Invitation to Tender (ITT), which is an extension of the ITQ process (with slightly more steps).


With the automation, the agency is now able to cut down the whole ITQ process from 50 minutes per transaction to less than 15 minutes. There is also a reduction in the error rates. They are also able to redeploy their staff to higher value work and reduce the number of people required for the ITQ process. Staff morale has also been given a big boost.