Success Story #7 – Banking Sector

RSTN Consulting Pte. Ltd.

The largest privately owned banking conglomerate in Taiwan and the largest credit card issuer in the country, has always been at the forefront of leveraging and utilising relevant IT technologies to help them stay ahead of the competition and giving them both cutting edge and leading edge within their financial industry.

Client challenges

For the past few decades, this large banking entity in Taiwan has been challenged with handling a rapidly growing customer base, tough and fast changing regulatory requirements, sophisticated consumer preferences and convenience, and maintaining its profitability and leadership position.


RSTN has been engaged to provide state of the art Document Imaging, Business Process Management, eLoans system (purpose build for the bank), and various operational automation systems.


With the various backend and frontend Enterprise-wide integration efforts, RSTN has successfully helped the entire bank digitally transformed itself.

Credit card underwriting, credit scoring and approval cycles are greatly enhanced. Turn around-time for approvals are drastically improved.

Various integration and automation also helped banking officers increased their operational efficiency and productivity.

The eLoans system also helped the entire Bank achieved tremendous agility while ensuring it is secured and robust in handling huge applications for loans (both for secured and non secured lending). Hereto, the banking group remains highly satisfied with RSTN’s development, deployment and ongoing maintenance and enhancement of their respective IT systems.